Three Reasons People Are Furious that Blake Shelton's the 'Sexiest Man Alive'

November 16, 2017
There are always complaints when "People" unveils its Sexiest Man Alive, however Blake Shelton seems to be getting more backlash than the average winner.  And the complaints basically fall into three categories: The First:  He's just not sexy enough.  As one woman put it . . . quote, "Blake Shelton might be the sexiest guy at a San Fernando Valley country club-turned-strip mall, but that's about it." And there's the issue of the mullet...
(Getty Images)

  The Second:  There are plenty of sexier guys, especially IDRIS ELBA.  One person Tweeted, quote, "I can't believe Russia thought Blake Shelton was the Sexiest Man Alive of 2017.  Also, maybe Idris Elba should've campaigned more in Michigan and Ohio." Someone else said, quote, "Blake Shelton is People's Sexiest Man Alive because apparently Idris ElbaChris Evans and Jason Momoa fell off the planet last night." And finally, The Third: He's not even among the "Top 10 Sexiest Men in County Music" Think a re-vote is in order?