Webster Groves Celebrity Raynard Surprised With New House Back In Town

November 16, 2017
The Webster Groves community wanted Raynard Nebbitt back home, and they got him! Today he was brought to tears when he saw his sister, Kathy, waiting on the front porch of a house in Webster Groves. She had told him they were just looking at a house that day, but actually, it was already there's. https://twitter.com/1025kezk/status/931289776224899072 If you live in Webster Groves you've seen him at some point over the past twenty years either on his bike, or at what's come to be known as "Raynard's Bridge" on S. Rock Hill Rd. at the I-44 overpass. Due to his sister's medical needs, she often requires use of a wheelchair or walker, the Nebbitts were forced to move out earlier this year. A GoFundMe page was started on their behalf. The goal was to raise $5,000 for their family, to help them return to their community. It raised more than $34,000! So now they've moved back to their home, and surrounded by friends and family, Raynard checked out his new home. https://twitter.com/1025kezk/status/931302937866973184 Not only was it an early Christmas gift, but it is also his birthday! https://twitter.com/1025kezk/status/931285234670362625 Click here to read our previous story on Raynard.