PHOTOS: Matt Carpenter Shares Adorable Photos Of His 2-Week-Old Son

November 20, 2017
As the St. Louis Cardinals search for a new outfielder and more pitching, Matt Carpenter's roster just made a new addition – a new born son Kannon Lee Carpenter. Carpenter and his wife Mackenzie welcomed their first son into the world about a week and a half ago, and have shared a few photos on social media: Kannon is their second child, after 1-year-old Kinley, who already seems to be getting along with her baby brother:
Bonus baseball baby: Former Cardinals infielder, and St. Louis native David Freese had his wife Mairin had their first child recently. His name is Kai, and he met his "older brother" Bobdog for the first time. Freese put video on Instagram of their dog meeting Kai: