You'll See Santa's Butt on a Lot of Ugly Christmas Sweaters This Year

November 27, 2017
For decades, ugly holiday-themed sweaters were a minor part of the Christmas season. They were lovingly lambasted like Grandma’s fruitcake, or eggnog made without liquor.
About a decade ago, companies started making sweaters that added blue humor to the red-and-green color scheme.
For a certain section of the population, these types of ugly Christmas sweaters allow people to simultaneously enjoy the holiday while poking fun at the hullabaloo around it.
Looking for an ugly Christmas sweater that also expresses ugly truths about human behavior in party settings? We got your back.
Santa is known for his snowy beard, twinkly eyes and — I was going to say rosy cheeks. However, after looking at this sweater, those cheeks look more like a pasty white.
Santa Breaks The Internet
This doesn’t show Santa’s butt crack, but his curvaceous body is still the focus of this sweater. I’m sure Mrs. Claus is proud. So proud.