'Guy's Big Project' Quiz Results

November 29, 2017
If you got mostly A’s: Your show would be called Southern Fried and Tried. You are a connoisseur of the south with an impeccable affinity for all things fried, especially if it has a Southern twist. Be on the lookout for old family recipes and new takes on Southern classics! If you got mostly B’s: Your show would be Gastro-Globetrotter. Get ready to take viewers around the world to experience different gastro pubs while you taste local beers and dishes. Get ready to rack up those frequent flyer miles and fill up that passport! If you got mostly C’s: Your show would be Bakin’ Me Crazy – A Happy Tale of Sweets and Treats. You have quite the sweet tooth, and there is no better way to exercise that love affair than to hit the road in search of the tastiest treats. Make sure you have your dentist on speed dial! If you got mostly D’s: Your show would be Snack Attack. You can make anything sweet or savory into a late-night snack. You’ll travel the country to find the best snacks out there, just to bring them back to the couch.