How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

December 1, 2017
A former Christmas tree salesman who worked at a tree lot in Michigan back in 2005 has shared tips on how to pick the right Christmas tree for your home. Here they are:
  • Artificial trees: Fake trees are the best and make it so that you don't have to worry about needles falling, daily waterings, or branches breaking.
  • Firs: The best of the tree families, all firs have soft needles that don't shed easily, and they are beloved for being so low maintenance. It's OK to miss a few waterings with them.
  • Scotch Pine: A bestselling tree, often purchased by families. Only downside is they have weak branches that break easily.
  • Blue Spruce: These are the worst kinds of Christmas trees, with prickly needles that stick to your clothing and a foggy, blue-green color.