New Study Basically Proves Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats

December 1, 2017
Don't shoot the messenger...we love both cats and dogs here. But a new study has basically proven dogs are the smarter species.  Scientists figured out a way to count how many neurons different animals have in their cerebral cortex . . . the part of the brain associated with complex thoughts.  And dogs have over TWICE as many. It's not just because their brains are bigger.  A lot of big-brained animals are dumb. For example, the brain of a bear is 10 times bigger than a cat's brain.  But they found they have roughly the same number of neurons. Raccoon brains are impressive too.  They're the size of a cat brain, but have the same number of neurons as a dog.  But they're all still pretty stupid compared to us.  Dogs and raccoons both have around 500 million neurons.  Your cerebral cortex has about 16 billion. It's all relative though, isn't it?  I'm sure there are many cats who run intellectual circles around their canine friends. Click Here to read more.