WATCH: Blake Shelton "Performs" in Undies on Ellen

December 11, 2017
Ellen DeGeneres, took a funny dig at Blake Shelton on Friday when she digitally altered some footage from The Voice to make it look like he was performing in his underwear. "We had Blake Shelton here last week and he recently was named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive," DeGeneres said while setting up the clip. "I was watching The Voice and boy, this is really getting to his head." She then cut to Shelton and girlfriend Gwen Stefani's recent Voice performance of their duet "You Make Me Feel Like Christmas," except Shelton's wearing nothing but a guitar and a pair of tighty-whities. At the end, Shelton turns around to shake his behind--and reveals that "Blake" is written on the back of his underwear. The real-life Stefani later appeared on the show, telling Ellen jokingly about Shelton's Sexiest Man title, "It's tough to be around him now."