Do You Tip More During The Holiday Season?

December 13, 2017
A heated debated during these cold winter months is should you tip more during the holidays to waitresses and service workers rather than other months? According to a survey, 87 percent of Americans said they will give a holiday tip to at least some service industry workers they regularly do business with this year. Only 13 percent said they wouldn’t tip anyone, down from 19 percent who didn’t tip at all last year. Patricia Rossi, author of Everyday Etiquette, said tipping is on the rise. “It’s becoming more common and people are becoming savvier about it. Even 10 years ago, I didn’t see as much of it going on as I do now,” she said. Almost 18 percent of respondents to the survey said they planned to spend more on tips this year than they did last, and about 61 percent planned to spend the same amount. The top five types of service workers respondents said they tip are baby sitters; personal care professionals like barbers, hairdressers or personal trainers; people who work with their kids like tutors and coaches; delivery people; and home maintenance help like housekeepers or trash collectors. Click here to find a complete holiday tipping guide for a wide range of service providers.