LIST: The 10 Worst Christmas Gifts People Have Gotten from Co-Workers

December 15, 2017
A new survey found 22% of us will give at least one co-worker a gift this year.  So how much will we spend?  34% said less than $10 per gift.  59% said between $11 and $50.  Only 6% of people said they'll spend more than $50 on a gift. They did a survey recently, here are the 10 worst gifts people said they've gotten from a co-worker.   1.  Earrings shaped like chickens.   2.  Coupons from a grocery store.   3.  Roasted grasshoppers.   4.  A roll of Saran Wrap.   5.  A jar of glitter.   6.  A coaster with their face on it.  Not sure if that means their face, or their co-worker's.   7.  A recipe for dip.   8.  An ornament shaped like an engagement ring.  That's a potential HR nightmare.   9.  A wooden cat statue.   10.  Used candles.    Also, women are almost twice as likely to give a co-worker a gift than men.  But you're more likely to get one from your BOSS if they're a GUY.  63% of male bosses and 45% of female bosses plan to give gifts this year. Click Here to read more.