All-Time Highest & Lowest Rating Sitcoms

December 18, 2017
Here are the HIGHEST and LOWEST rated sitcoms of all time. The website Stacker recently ranked the HIGHEST and LOWEST sitcoms of all time. To qualify, the show had to be considered a situational comedy in the broader sense (meaning non-traditional sitcoms and even some comedy-dramas were included), and have at least 5,000 IMDb votes. Here’s what they found… The 10 Highest Rated… 10: Curb Your Enthusiasm 9: Archer 8: South Park 7: It’s always Funny In Philadelphia 6: The Office 5: The Simpsons 4: Seinfeld 3: Arrested Development 2: Friends 1: Rick And Morty Click Here to see more. And the 10 Lowest Rated… 10. Shake It Up! 9. Hannah Montana 8. Dog With A Blog 7. Jonas 6. Cavemen 5. Mulaney 4. Allen Gregory 3. Meet The Browns 2. The Inbetweeners 1. House of Payne Click Here to see more.