6 Past Holiday Toy Crazes That Captivated Kids

December 22, 2017
Every holiday season seems to bring with it a craze for a certain kids' toy that parents go nuts tracking down. The New York Times has rounded up six such past crazes, along with some highlights on how far people went. For example, did you know that in the 1980s, Cabbage Patch Kids not only went for twice above retail price, but they also spawned Cabbage Patch camps? Or that Rubik's Cubes were originally invented as a practical, cheap toy for adults when they came out in 1908 as a way to combat socioeconomic malaise? Perhaps most surprisingly, in the 1970s, Barbie's kid sister Skipper could "experience" puberty with a flick of her arm, which would cause her to grow three-quarters of an inch and instantly "sprout" breasts. Click here to read more.