8 Foods to Eat on New Year's Day for Good Luck

December 26, 2017
Are you desperate to have good luck in the New Year? Thankfully, Elite Daily has compiled a list of eight foods that will allegedly bring you good fortune (if consumed on New Year’s Day). Here they are: 1. Black-eyed peas. There are a few backstories on why this is a good luck tradition. Some say it's because black-eyed peas helped southerners survive from starvation during the Civil War, while others say beans resemble money and are meant to bring good fortune. 2. Pork. Pork comes from the pig being fatty, which represents prosperity. 3. Lentils. This tradition comes from people believing that lentils look like Roman coins, which also goes back to the belief that beans resemble money. 4. Soba noodles. If you're able to eat them in one long slurp, that ensures you'll live a good long life. In Japan, they do this at midnight. 5. Collard greens. They're meant to bring you good fortune and also are delicious with black-eyed peas. 6. Grapes. The challenge is to eat 12 grapes right when the clock strikes midnight. Each grape signifies a month in the New Year. 7. Ring-shaped food. Treats like bundt cakes or donuts represent the continuous year from beginning to end. 8. Fish. Fish is a symbol of good luck for many reasons: The scales look like the change you have in your wallet and they swim together in groups, which signifies a large amount. Click here for more details.