What better way to get through coronavirus than 'Christmas in March?'

Twitter is inspiring everyone to practice Social Distancing while brightening up their days in isolation.

March 18, 2020
Christmas Lights in March

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ST. LOUIS (KEZK)- The global pandemic disrupting our everyday lives is undeniable.

Schools, restaurants, offices, and entertainment hubs are closed until further notice as everyone is trying to stay indoors and practice social distancing in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

However, many are trying to find the "light" at the end of this dark tunnel by encouraging everyone to put up their Christmas lights in March.

While "Social Distancing" entails maintaining at least a 6-foot distance from those around you, those same parameters would be met by driving around and gazing at Christmas lights to symbolize "togetherness, and hope."

The #LightsforLife hashtag is gaining more and more traction as those quarantined hop on board of putting their Christmas lights up. 

St. Louis' number one Christmas Station, KEZK, is in full support of this idea.

If you or anyone you know takes part in this health abiding activity, be sure to tag us so we can showcase that Christmas spirit doesn't only occur once a year. 

We just might play a full week of Christmas tunes if enough people get on-board. 

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