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Teachers are asking for classroom donations through #ClearTheList movement on social media


August 7, 2019

(KEZK) — A movement to fulfill teachers' classroom wish lists in time to go back to school is trending on social media.

#ClearTheList is the hashtag many educators locally and nationally are using as they post links to Amazon wish lists of classroom supplies.

Some are even mentioning big names including the St. Louis Blues, the Cardinals and Nelly — just to name a few — and asking for them to purchase items from their lists.

Several educators have indicated they have created and shared their Amazon wishlists because of a lack of funding for classroom supplies.

While some may feel generous enough to donate to a teacher's classroom through the #ClearTheList movement, others could argue parents are being increasingly pressured to spend more money on their child's education when schools ought to be the ones footing the bill for classroom supplies.

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