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Jane Fonda

Jane Ronda Resurrects '80s Workout Videos

To paraphrase Sir Mix-a-Lot, why not get through this pandemic "playin' workout tapes by Fonda?" On Thursday, Jane Fonda herself joined TikTok to resurrect her iconic '80 exercise videos and encourage people to stay fit at home. "My name is Jane Fonda and I'm going to bring back the Jane Fonda... Read More
Adam Schlesinger

Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger Dies of Coronavirus

Musician Adam Schlesinger has died from coronavirus complications at the age of 52, Variety reports. Schlesinger had been in an upstate New York hospital for a week before his death. He was the co-founder of the indie rock band Fountains of Wayne, a band that earned two Grammy nominations and was... Read More
Grocery shopping

What's the Dumbest Product You Immediately Hoarded?

When the whole panic-buying thing first started, what's the dumbest thing you immediately stocked up on . . . For me, it has to be the SIX jars of sweet pickels my wife was teasing me about yesterday. Here are some of the best answers we've seen online . . . 1. Eight giant bottles of ketchup. 2. A... Read More

LIST: Most Aggressive States Against the Coronavirus

Wallethub has crunched the data to find out which U.S. states are taking the most and least aggressive measures to fight the coronavirus. Based on such factors as tested cases per capita, state legislation on the pandemic, percentage of the population without insurance, and share of the workforce... Read More
hand sanitizer

UPDATE: Men Who Hoarded Sanitizer Told To Donate to Charity

Life came fast at brothers Matt and Noah Colvin this weekend after they outed themselves as hand-sanitizer profiteers amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, Matt made the mistake of talking to The New York Times about how he and Noah bought up 17,700 sanitizing products from stores as far as 1... Read More
Coronavirus sleep study

Reduce Your odds of Getting the Coronavirus While You Sleep

Believe it or not, you can get coronavirus while you sleep. To prevent the virus from lodging itself in your lungs as you saw logs, CNN recommends taking the following precautions: Wash your hands and face with soap and warm water, including your nostrils. Blow your nose, but DON'T use irrigating... Read More
Coronavirus nurse

60K Coronavirus Patients Have Recovered, Within 2 to 6 Weeks

With so much focus on the death toll and disruption of everyday life associated with coronavirus, it's easy to forget that more than 60,000 people have successfully recovered from the illness. The AP reports that those suffering from mild coronavirus symptoms typically recover in about two weeks,... Read More

Watch: How To Mentally Prepare For The Coronavirus

Here's some advice that experts gave during a talk at Harvard University on how to mentally and physically prepare for coronavirus. Accept life is going to change and lots of things will close. Avoid big group meetings. Stay home if you feel sick and get your flu shot. And look out for one another... Read More
hand shaking

How to Politely Avoid a Handshake

What with news of the coronavirus become more serious by the day, experts are recommending that people take proper precautions to keep themselves germ free---one of which involves limiting personal contact with others. Handshaking has always been one of those social niceties that I've never quire... Read More
Ellen features local family

WATCH: Webster Groves Firefighters on Ellen Today

This is so great! Watch Ellen surprise a Webster Groves firefighter and his wife on Monday's show. Video of Inspiring Couple Wins Big with 'Road to Riches' I have so much love and respect for firefighters. This couple deserved something really special. #ThanksSponsor pic.twitter... Read More