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Fabulous Fox Theatre Announces Changes to the 2020-2021 Season

The Fabulous Fox Theatre has announced the postponement of three fall shows that were to open the 2020-2021 U.S. Bank Broadway Season Ticket package and one season special. “In light of the current status of the COVID-19 virus, the Fox and our producing partners have agreed that tour dates for fall... Read More

POLL: 6 in 10 Parents Use Their Kids as Tech Support

If your parents are in their 60s or 70s, their tech skills might be kind of pathetic. But get ready to feel real old real fast. Because your kids might already feel the same way about YOU . . . A recent survey found almost 6 in 10 parents use their kids as tech support and go to them for help with... Read More
Mac N Cheese

Kraft Is Trying to Make Macaroni-and-Cheese a Breakfast Food

I guess we're at the point in the pandemic where ALL rules are out the window. Because macaroni-and-cheese now counts as a BREAKFAST FOOD. A survey by Kraft found 56% of parents are letting their kids eat it for breakfast more often right now. So Kraft is embracing the idea by giving out special-... Read More

Stop Rinsing Your Dishes Before Putting Them In Dishwasher

This is about as win-win as it gets: You can do a better job washing the dishes by being LAZIER. According to a cleaning expert in Australia, you should stop rinsing dishes before you put them in the dishwasher . . . because that could make them wind up LESS clean. Here's why. Most modern... Read More
St. Louis Cardinals

BREAKING Cards-Brewers Game postponed Today

Multiple reports this morning confirm that today's Cardinals game in Milwaukee has been postponed due to "positive coronavirus tests" within the Cardinals team. The game was scheduled to be played at 1:10 this afternoon. We'll update the story as more details emerge. Read more online at Read More
Woman with Dog

Do You Have a Human Name or a Dog Name?

We don't mean to be insulting, but would your name work better if you were a DOG? Someone posted random names online, and asked people if each one is a better name for a dog or a person. Over 150,000 people voted. Here's what they said . . . 1. Names on the list that work better for a dog include:... Read More

LIST: The Weirdest Town Name in All 50 States

Zippia spent some serious time and found the weirdest TOWN NAME in all 50 states. Here are some of our favorites . . . 1. Booger Hollow, Arkansas . . . and Booger Hole, West Virginia. 2. Number Eight, Missouri . . . and Ninety Six, South Carolina. 3. Paint Lick, Kentucky. 4. Accident, Maryland. 5... Read More
Woma Eating

STUDY: Eat (mostly) Whatever You Want!

Here's some good news for everyone who likes to have EPIC CHEAT DAYS where you eat a dozen donuts or an entire pizza, or both. A new study out of England found you can eat an INSANE amount of calories once in a while and it won't cause you long-term health problems . . . or make you gain lots of... Read More
Spare Change

Banks Reporting Change Shortage Throughout U.S.

A bank in Wisconsin was running so low on change , they offered to buy it from people at a premium. They're restocked now, but for every $100 in change you turned in, you could get $105 in cash. And a Chick-fil-A in Alabama is doing the same thing. If you trade in $10 in rolled change, you get a... Read More