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Pumpkin Wine

Let The Pumpkin Craze Begin.. Introducing Pumpkin Wine

Move over pinot grigio, a new wine is here and even better you will "fall" in love with it. According to Delish , there is super popular Pumpkin Wine made by Wisconsin's Three Lakes Winery and even though we aren't technically in the pumpkin season yet, people are loving it. "This wine has become... Read More
Jeff Goldblum

Massive Jeff Goldblum Statue Unveiled Near London's Tower Bridge

A 25-foot-long statue of Jeff Goldblum has been unveiled in London to commemorate the 25h anniversary of Jurassic Park. NME reports the 330-pound statue depicts the actor as his Jurassic alter ego, Dr. Ian Malcolm, reclining with his shirt open. Fans can find the Goldblum statue, which was... Read More
lottery numbers

Here Are the Most Popular Lottery Numbers

If your collection of gemstones is lacking sparkle, Friday's Mega Millions jackpot is an estimated $422 million. If you pick your own numbers, you may be interested in a new study . It found the most popular lottery numbers in the world are 11, 7, 17, 27, 19, 23, 12, 13, 9 and 18 in that order... Read More
Bruce Springsteen

“Springsteen on Broadway” Is Coming To Netflix

On the final night of Bruce Springsteen ’s completely sold out, 236-show run on Broadway, fans can re-watch "Springsteen on Broadway" from their living room couch. RELATED: Bruce Springsteen Releases 4-Hour Recording from 1978 Performance That's right, the highly-praised solo acoustic performance... Read More
potato chips

Lay's Introduces 8 New Potato Chip 'Local' Flavors

If you like trying new foods around the world, Lay's chips is making your destinations a little closer to home. In an effort to showcase different local cuisines from across the country, the Lay’s new “Tastes of America” flavors are inspired by popular regional dishes: Cajun Spice (Origin: Central... Read More

WATCH: Trapeze Stunt Goes Wrong on AGT

Viewers were stunned when a husband-wife trapeze act's performance went wrong on Tuesday's episode of America's Got Talent . Marcy and Tyce of Duo Transcend were climbing over each other while hanging from a bar--which was made riskier by the fact that Tyce is nearly blind due to a progressive eye... Read More

WATCH: Celebrating Christmas in July with Schnucks Delivers

It's Christmas in July with Schnucks! We wanted to celebrate by giving someone a "gift." And I hought it would be cool to see what happens behind-the-scenes when someone orders groceries to be delivered by Schnucks. We followed the entire order ffrom start to finish and went along for the delivery... Read More