11 Things People Did in the '80s

September 14, 2018
80s nostalgia

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Remember mix tapes, phone books and sunglasses at night? Several Twitter users do, as evidenced by their responses to the #InThe80sWe hashtag, several of which are listed below:

  1. #InThe80sWe had no Caller ID. We had to answer the phone without a damned clue who could be on the other end. It was terrifying.
  2. #InThe80sWe had to sit for hours listening to the radio with our fingers on the record button so we could make mix tapes.
  3. #InThe80sWe rode our bikes wherever we wanted and just had to be home by dark.
  4. #InThe80sWe made phone calls on pay phones, and when we needed to find a phone number, we looked in...a phone book!!
  5. #InThe80sWe had a 100 foot telephone cord so we could move around the house with the phone.
  6. #InThe80sWe prank-called people for entertainment because there was no such thing as Caller ID.
  7. #InThe80sWe dressed like Miami Vice.
  8. #InThe80sWe didn't build walls, we knocked them down. #BerlinWall.
  9. #InThe80sWe wouldn't have Instagrammed our food. 
  10. #InThe80sWe walked a mile with four quarters to play a video game for 10 minutes.
  11. #InThe80sWe wore our sunglasses at night.

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