Best Comfort Foods to Cook During a Snowstorm

January 11, 2019
Chili Comfort Food



If you haven't heard there is snow coming! So why not cook some amazing comfort food while you're stuck in your bungalow for the weekend. 

Redbook Magazine made a list with recipes included of the best comfort foods during a snowstorm. Check them out: 

1. SALTED CARAMEL APPLE FRITTER BREAD: One of your favorite fritters in quick bread form. And made even better with salted caramel. Your whole family will love it.

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2. SPICED TURKEY AND CHICKPEA CHILI:  Not all chili will put you in a food coma. Take, for example, this healthy, Mediterranean twist. 


3. INDOOR S'MORES: No need to build a roaring fire to enjoy this camp classic. Just gather the kids and tell ghost stories as you dig into the ooey gooeyness! 

Nothing like S'mores on a cold evening. Who needs a campfire?! #smoredip #indoorsmores #yummy #chocolate #sticky #dessert #wintertreat

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4. TEAR 'N' SHARE GARLIC BREADIt's so good, we wouldn't blame you if you ate the whole sheet pan as your dinner.


5. FRENCH ONION ZOODLE BAKE: Just as delicious as the soup, but this casserole version has the extra nutritional boost of noodles made out of zucchini. 

A french soup taste w/ a healthy, hearty twist! French Onion Zoodle Bake #FoodieCityNetwork #CraveTasteEat #healthyrecipes #zucchininoodles #healthydinner #healthyfood #casserole #frenchonionbake #bakeddish #healthylunch #vegetarian #Recipe -

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