Man Collected Over 40,000 Items of '80s Memorabilia

September 13, 2018
80s Walkman



We love the 80s, but this man may have us beat! 

J.P. Annunziato has collected an enormous ’80s collection — more than 40,000 items — which took him over 10 years to gather. 

If you had an '80s toy you couldn't live without, most likely Annunziato has it! 

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, his collection goes beyond toys, though, and includes albums, movies, board games, school supplies (remember Trapper Keepers?), and popular books.

He even has an entire Instagram page soley dedicated to his 1980 to 1989 80’s Memorabilia called '80s Then 80s Now'. 

But what started this 80s obsession? “The collection started as a result of my parents passing,” he shares. “It really took a part out of me. I was coping short-term with thinking about things from my childhood.”

He continues: “I was going to a flea market. There was someone selling a bunch of Care Bears on a blanket. It just took me back to being a child. I took them home and I stared at them, and I felt good. I started to collect and recreate my childhood through things, through merchandise.”

Annunziato tried to set a Guinness Book World Record for “the most 1980s toys” a few years ago, but was denied because his collection was deemed “too complicated” and needed to be more specific. He hopes to one day take his nostalgic memorabilia on tour. 


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