Oreo Announces the Winner of Their Flavor Contest

August 9, 2018



After months of voting for the #MyOreoCreation Contest, Oreo has announced the winning flavor and the winner of the $500,000 grand prize. Eden F. of Winnetka, California took home the big bucks for her Cherry Cola Oreo. 

The soda-inspired sandwich cookie beat out the two other finalists, Kettle Corn Oreos and Piña Colada Oreo Thins. All three flavors were submitted by fans and released on shelves in April after thousands of suggestions were “meticulously tested, tasted and reviewed” by the Oreo Wonder Vault.

Cherry Cola—which is still available now but not guaranteed to stick around permanently—was actually only one of many flavors Eden submitted, according to Delish, but the winner added that the fizzy flavor was especially meaningful because it was inspired by her childhood.

Hey it my turn! Tried all three of the new Oreos. My assessments: . Pina Colada: strong pineapple taste. Too strong actually. Thought this was pretty gross overall . Kettle Corn: double stuf style which I like. It actually tastes more like waffles than kettle corn. Anyone else experience that? Not bad though . Cherry Cola: tastes exactly was the name says. Yeah, bleh. There’s pop rocks in here though and that tastes fun so points for that. . . . #oreo #oreos #myoreocreation #myoreocreationcontest #oreocookies #pinacoladaoreo #pinacolada #cherrycolaoreo #kettlecornoreo #kettlecorn #snack #snacks #snackmurder #cookies #cookies-- #cookie-- #cookietime #cookielife

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