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Wedding Dress Returned 32 Years After Dry-Cleaner Error

February 12, 2018

On February 4 in Ohio, Ame Bartlebaugh opened a box that she thought contained her mom’s wedding dress, which the 25-year-old hopes to wear at her own December 2019 wedding. But instead of finding her mother’s simple, sleeveless gown, she instead found a lacy, tiered dress that belonged to someone else. Apparently, a now-shuttered dry cleaner put the wrong dress in the box back in 1985.

Through Facebook, Bartlebaugh was able to reunite the lacy dress with its rightful owner, Michelle Havrilla, who the AP reports was “still in shock” when she received it last week. Bartlebaugh says she’s confident social media will help reunite her own mother with her missing dress.

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