56% of Americans Are Still Going to Travel This Thanksgiving

And only 11% of them will fly

November 10, 2020

Getty Images


This pandemic is a PERFECT excuse to avoid having to spend Thanksgiving getting into arguments with your family and wondering, "Why did we spend so much money and go through so much hassle to travel here again?"

But people AREN'T taking advantage of that excuse.  According to data from TripAdvisor, 56% of Americans are still going to travel this year for Thanksgiving.  That's down from 14% last year . . . but it's still pretty high.

People's trips are looking different than past years, though . . .


1.  Only 11% will fly, and more than three-quarters will drive.

2.  22% are staying in a hotel or Airbnb so they can get some safe distance from friends and family.

3.  People are looking for less-busy days to travel, like the weekend before Thanksgiving or on the holiday itself.

4.  24% are only going to spend one night away.

5.  And people are avoiding big cities, with New York, New Orleans, and Los Angeles seeing the biggest drop in hotel bookings over Thanksgiving compared to last year. 

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