A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed with Potato Chips?

They'll be on shelves soon...

September 15, 2020
Reese's chips

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It looks like two of the foods many of us have eaten nonstop during the pandemic just got together, humped it out, and had a baby.

There's a new Reese's Peanut Butter Cup coming that's stuffed with pieces of POTATO CHIPS.

There's no word on when they could go on sale, but apparently it's pretty soon.  And a junk food Instagram account that tried them said they're good, quote, "if you like salty." 

-- C R U N C H Y B O Y E -- Sup. I've been so busy with practicing TikTok dances I forgot I had these. Whoops! Seems like everyone's just looking around and saying "what else can we stuff in our snacks to make them better than they already are?" With Reese's, this badboye is no different. They've taken a classic Reese's cup, and tossed potato chips in them. Yes. Salty, crunchy potato chips. To be frank, it seems like this odd salty mashup is all the rage lately. And I kinda get it. We're all salty. It's 2020 and I can't go anywhere without hearing someone ranting about how their mask is causing them to want to faint during their 4 minute trip into a Walgreens. Shoutout to our healthcare heroes who do it for 12+ hours per day -- Anyway, this creation, which will be available soon I believe, is pretty spot on and WELL worth it if you like salty. I'll keep it real. It's too small of a chip ratio to really get as much as you'd need. What would be better is one big chip in the center of the cup. Other than that, it's cool-- and it's good; but I'm definitely not selecting this instead of the classic one. Gonna score this one a --7.0-- on the dot. Makes sense. Does the job, needs more chip.

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