Baseball Is Being Mocked for Its New "Wet Rag Rule"

Cheating could take on a whole new meaning in the game

June 25, 2020
Baseball Pitcher

Getty Images

We're getting baseball back in about a month, but obviously, there will be changes.  And one of the proposed changes is getting ridiculed all over social media.

It's called the "Wet Rag Rule", and it states that a pitcher can keep a wet rag in his back pocket as an alternative to constantly licking his fingers when he's on the mound.

Fans and players alike are having a good laugh over it.  Former relief pitcher JEFF NELSON said, quote, "Good luck hitters, water won't be the only thing on that rag."

A Braves writer named Scott Coleman said, quote, "Thankfully, baseball doesn't have a cheating problem."

And one guy asked, quote, "Does sweaty fingers touching a ball transmit less germs than a licked finger?  I'm not a doctor, but, uh, sounds exactly the same to me."

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