Is Bleached Men's Hair the New Beard?


April 13, 2018

Photo Credit: Dreamstime


Remember in the late 2000s when growing a beard was all the rage? The novelty--and sexiness--eventually wore off, writes Vice.

"Nine times out of ten, the beard was just a substitute for a personality, like berets or being really into weed," the publication states. "As the curtain dropped, so too did the mass sexual appeal of the beard."

Now, thanks to peroxide hounds like Adam Levine, Ryan Gosling, Zayn Malik, and "every single Soundcloud rapper," bleached hair is the new beard. But despite the fact that Levine claims his "wife loves it," Vice predicts that 2018 is the year "the look goes mainstream" and is therefore rendered unfashionable, adding, "It's all done for the second Liam Payne gets involved."

Getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day with my friends at @tinder. Stay tuned... #ad

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Wow...that's cold.

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