Five Things We've Failed at During Quarantine

Haircuts, Pedicures, Piercings and more...

May 20, 2020

Getty Images

According to a study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Groupon, the average person only lasted 12 days in lockdown before they tried to do something they'd normally pay for, like haircuts and pedicures.  And it has NOT always gone well. 

Here are five things we've failed at:


1.  A quarter of people who've had an at-home haircut ended up regretting it.

2.  The same goes for 27% who've tried to color their own hair in quarantine.

3.  24% who've tried to give themselves a pedicure say it didn't go well.

4.  22% of us have had a baking-related disaster during the lockdown.

5.  Apparently do-it-yourself BODY PIERCINGS have even been a thing.  And 26% of those haven't gone as planned.

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The survey also found 75% of us want to make a bigger effort to support small businesses once the crisis is over, and plan to spend an average of 16% more.

And here's one more random stat that's encouraging:  Two-thirds of us feel more hopeful right now than we did a few months ago.