GREG: The Perfect Location For a New Drive-In Theater

Right across the street from the old 66 Park-In

May 12, 2020
Crestwood Plaza

G. Hewitt

Given our need to keep away from large crowds during the Covid-19 pandemic, drive-in theaters are making what many believe is a long overdue comeback across the country.

The Skyview Drive in in Belleville reopened over the weekend and were turning cars away on Friday and Saturday night.  This got me thinking--what would one need to open a new drive in theater?

Money?  I'll let the bankers handle that one.

Land?  You bet!  A big plot of unused land, preferably in an area we might already associate with the drive in experience.

But a location like that would be inpossible to find here in St. Louis, right?

Not so fast.

The huge, empty plot of land which used to be home to Crestwood Plaza is just sitting there empty---waiting for someone...anyone to come up with a plan to utilize the space.

What better use for it than a new drive in?  Located directly across the street from what many think was the best of it's kind in the area back in the day---the 66 Park-In!

I can't think of any reasons why this shouldn't happen, right?  It makes too much sense, which sadly is probably why it's doomed from the start.

What say you?