How to Politely Avoid a Handshake

It doesn't have to be super awkward

March 10, 2020
hand shaking

(Getty Images)


What with news of the coronavirus become more serious by the day, experts are recommending that people take proper precautions to keep themselves germ free---one of which involves limiting personal contact with others.

Handshaking has always been one of those social niceties that I've never quire embraced.  I'll do it, mainly for fear of offending the person offering it, but it has always seemed like an outtdated concept.

Well according to Lifehacker, it might not be "normal" for much longer, given the scope of the news surrounding the Coronavirus.

But how are we supposed to greet others, if not with a handshake?


"In China, bumping feet has been dubbed the “Wuhan shake,” named after the city at the epicenter of the virus outbreak, with videos of the greeting going viral.

Fist bumping is also a decent option. As Harvard Health Medicine reports:

Shaking hands transmitted 2 times more bacteria than high fives, and 10 times more bacteria than bumping fists."

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