Kids Have Said "I'm Bored" 6 Times a Day During the Pandemic

Or roughly 1,200 times since March.

September 30, 2020
Bored Kids

Getty Images

Maybe parents have forgotten this trick:  When your kid says they're bored, just say, "Well, I've got some chores you could help with."  You won't see them again for two weeks . . .

A new poll found that during the pandemic, kids have said "I'm bored" an average of six times a day . . . or roughly 1,200 times since March.

Here are five more quick stats on parenting during the pandemic . . .


1.  Parents have dealt with five meltdowns or temper tantrums a week this year.

2.  Kids have also caused an average of six EPIC MESSES during the pandemic.

3.  77% of parents get suspicious if their child is too quiet for too long.  Because they're probably up to something.

4.  81% of parents have heard a weird noise or thud, followed by a statement like, "It's nothing" or "we're fine."

5.  84% of parents have allowed their kids to have more screen time than usual this year.

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