Man wearing Crocs Jumps Into Crocodile Pit

And it didn't go well...

November 7, 2018

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On Tuesday morning in Florida, Brandon Keith Hatfield reportedly broke into an alligator farm and jumped off a roof into a crocodile pond.

He proceeded to survive getting bit by a crocodile or three--all while wearing Crocs, which were found floating in the pond after he exited it. Eyewitnesses told various news outlets that Hatfield appeared to be on drugs, with the Florida Times-Union reporting that "he ran into an old man who was walking an alligator on a leash and was all of a sudden 'surrounded by all these baby alligators.'”

Meanwhile, the alligator farm's owner told CBS-47, “A little weird to see somebody that early in just boxers going over your wall into your property saying, ‘I was held hostage in a pool with gators.'”

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