QUESTION: Is It Worse to Bail Early on a Concert or Sporting Event?

"If it’s a regular season game, no one will blame you"

June 13, 2018

© Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We took the kids (12, 9 & 7) to the Cardinals game last night and as is our usual custom, especially for the later 7:15 start times, we ended up leaving somehere around the 6th inning. It was actualy so hot, we got zero resistance--as long as they got their Dippin' Dots, they were happy.

But I know many people who have to stay until the final out, no matter the score or time of day.

It raises the question--is it worse to bail early on a sporting event or concert in order to avoid awful traffic?

"If it’s a regular season game, no one will blame you for caving into your dad instincts and fleeing the second a lead gets out of hand," theorizes Deadspin columnist Drew Magary. "But if you leave a concert early, you suck. Why did you even go to the thing if you’re gonna bail before the encore? That’s when they play 'Free Bird,' man!"

Personally, leaving a ballgame, especially under last night's circumstances, is perfectly justified better have a really good reason to leave a concert early.

What say you?