REPORT: Apple Is Boosting the Trade-In Value of Old iPhones

Could mean up to an extra $100 in your pocket

November 28, 2018

© Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY NETWORK


Apple skipped on offering much in the way of must-have discounts for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but today it launched a significant boost to trade-in credit for older iPhones. The amount you’re getting probably still isn’t equal to what you’d make by selling on Craigslist or elsewhere, but Apple’s option is all about convenience.

It’s worth noting that this promotion is only open for those who are upgrading to the 2018 iPhone lineup, meaning the XS, XS Max, or XR. (That’s one way to increase demand.) Exactly how much more trade-in credit you’ll receive depends on the phone you’re handing over:

iPhone 6 is worth $150, up from $75

iPhone 6 Plus is worth $200, up from $100

iPhone 6S is also worth $200, up from $100

iPhone 6S Plus is worth $250, up from $150

iPhone 7 is worth $250, up from $175

iPhone 7 Plus is worth $300, barely up from $250

iPhone 8 is also worth $300, up from $250

If you have a iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, or anything newer, your trade-in value is unaffected by the promotion, which should run through the rest of this year and into 2019.

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