Sportswriter Confuses Andy Reid with Wilford Brimley

The Chiefs coach just won his first Super Bowl

February 3, 2020
Wilford Brimley

(Getty Images)

Despite what some see as a resemblance, 85-year-old Cocoon star Wilford Brimley is not 61-year-old Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. That's what one Twitter user learned during Sunday's Super Bowl thanks to a tweet from Brimley himself. "Serious question, is the Chiefs coach the 'diabeetus' guy," Barstool Sports writer Ellie Schnitt tweeted, referencing Brimley's infamous commercials for Liberty Medical.

Not long after, Brimley tweeted, "Ellie, no. I am the 'diabeetus' guy." Schnitt then replied, "I am so sorry, sir. Love you."