St. Louis Woman Discovers Alligator Hiding in Yard

"We've got alligators living in the front yard!"

July 10, 2019

(Getty Images)


It's one thing if you're on that Florida vacation that maybe, if you have very bad luck, you might encounter an alligator. 

Even then, that would be very bad luck.

But in St. Louis?

I think it's fair to say that most of us here in the midwest would pass out at the sight of a 3-foot long alligator in your backyard, but that's exactly what happened to Dutchtown neighborhood resident last week.

According to news reports, the woman claims the 3-foot alligator "spun around and hissed at me".

Another neighbor was quoted as saying, "I joked with my wife, you know, you need to clean up some of these bushes, you know, it's getting kind of crazy out here. We've got alligators living in the front yard,” 

According to Animal Control, the alligator was a pet that got out or someone released. They said it is illegal for anyone to keep alligators as pets in St. Louis.

Really, beacuse that seems like common sense to most of us, right?

Animal Control placed the gator with the Exotic Amphibian and Reptile Center.