Thailand Cave Rescue: All 12 Boys & Coach Have Been Freed

Authorities say they are in "good health"

July 10, 2018

© Xinhua

All 12 members of the boys' soccer team who became trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand last month are now freed, as is their coach.

CNN reports that the last four boys and the coach were extracted from the cave on Tuesday, with 19 divers assisting in the third phase of the rescue operation. Four of the boys had been rescued on Sunday and an additional four were removed from the cave on Monday after they all became trapped on June 23 while exploring the cave. The strongest boys were reportedly taken out first because they had the best chance of surviving the escape route. Authorities say they are in "good health," but will be quarantined for a week for observation.

Before the final rescue attempt, it was unknown whether the four remaining boys and their coach would make it out on Tuesday amid forecasts of heavy rainfall.

Meanwhile, Thai authorities are asking people to "send their support" to the four Navy SEAL divers who have yet to emerge from the cave after Tuesday's rescue.

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