The 1 Tip You Need to Know About Reheating Cold French Fries

And it includes your waffle maker!

January 14, 2020
French Fries warmed up

(Getty Images)

Cold French fries are a leftover that have long been deemed unsalvageable, but Lifehacker has an awesome tip that allows you to breathe new life into those cold spuds. Once a freshly cooked fry begins to cool, the water inside it moves out and they get soggy and mushy, and there's there's never been a great way to revive them. Re-heating them in the oven is probably the best method, but by that point they have the consistency of cardboard. Re-frying them is a hassle and still doesn't yield fresh fry results. And the microwave? Forget about it.

The outlet declares, "The best, most elegant way to reheat fries and achieve maximum crispness is to toss them into our favorite handy appliance: the waffle maker." The instructions are simple: just heat the waffle maker to its highest setting and drop in the cold fries. Once they start getting a golden brown, pull them out and eat them immediately. 

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