Theater Chain Famous For "No Texting" Policy Coming To St. Louis

"If you talk or text during a movie, we kick you out".

February 5, 2018



"We have one simple rule: If you talk or text during a movie, we kick you out".

I grew up in a family of movie theater operators and this meant I learned early on that once the lights go down in the auditorium... it's time to pay attention to what's happening on the screen.

These days, with most of us tethered to our phones 24/7, it's become harder than ever to expect others will live up to that one simple rule--and that is why I'm thrilled Alamo Drafthouse Cinema announced they are opening their first location at the City Foundry STL development near Ikea.

Alamo is the theater chain who takes the "no texting" policy seriously.

"We do not tolerate people that talk or text in the theater. In fact, before every film, we have several warnings on screen to prevent such happenings. Occasionally, someone doesn't follow the rules, and we do, in fact, kick their asses out of our theater. This video is an actual voicemail from a woman that was kicked out of one of our Austin theaters. Thanks, anonymous woman, for being awesome."

A ten-screen cinema with over 900 luxury recliners is expected to open in early 2019.