VIRAL VIDEO: City Threatens to Fine Couple $50,000 Over Extravagant Christmas Light Display

"I'm not taking it down," said the homeowner

November 30, 2018

Susan Macdonald |

A couple in New Jersey have been threatened with a $50,000 price tag for the over-the-top Christmas light display they’ve been setting up for 15 years.

"We had a meeting with the Mayor and the Chief of Police the other night and they blatantly told us that this is what you will pay in order to put this Christmas light display on this year,” Kris Apruzzi tells WPIX-TV. Apruzzi and her husband Tom were reportedly told that the cost, which amounts to $2,000 per day the lights are illuminated, would go toward police security and bus transportation to reduce the traffic that the light show brings in each year. The couple say they spend three months each year putting up the more than 300,000 lights decorating their Old Bridge home.

They are trying to crowd-fund to cover the cost, but are planning to start the light show on December 1 whether or not they meet their goal.

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