Women Find Men Less Attractive When They're Holding a Cat

Both short-term and long-term relationship potential

June 22, 2020
Man holds cat

Getty Images


A new study found women find men less attractive if THEY'RE into cats.

Researchers at Colorado State University took photos of various men . . . one by themselves, and one of them holding a cat.

Then over 700 women rated the photos.  And when men were holding cats, they were seen as less masculine AND less datable.

It applied to both short-term and long-term relationship potential.  So they were less datable across the board.  And they were seen as "more neurotic" when holding a cat.

There was one key demographic that didn't care though.  Women who described themselves as a "cat person" were just as likely to say a guy was datable, whether he was holding a cat or not.

In other words, it didn't hurt their chances with women who love cats.  But it also didn't help. 

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