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Insane Secrets That Celebrities Have Revealed on WWHL

April 13, 2018

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen is known for getting celebrities to share salacious information about themselves and other famous folks. Here are 12 of the most surprising revelations that have been made on his show, courtesy of BuzzFeed (check out the full list at the link):


Susan Sarandon said she gets stoned before almost every single Hollywood event--except the Academy Awards. 

Anne Hathaway admitted that she's definitely a stoner. 

Kim Kardashian confessed to being relieved when Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up. 

Shaq hinted that his penis is very, very large. 

Pink revealed that one time Christina Aguilera tried to punch her in a club. 

John Mayer said that if he was going to have sex with any man, he would choose Ryan Gosling. 

Michael Bublé revealed that he's sent many a d**k pic. 

Kevin Hart said that he once spent $15,000 at a strip club in a single night. 

Christina Applegate admitted that she once ditched a date with Brad Pitt to meet up with another famous dude (but she would not reveal his name). 

Gerard Butler said Jennifer Aniston is a better kisser than Angelina Jolie.