Necco Wafers


Necco Wafers To Go Out Of Business

April 11, 2018

Necco Wafers may not be delicious, but they're going through a MASSIVE surge of popularity right now anyway.

It's because the New England Confectionery Company announced last month they would probably be going out of business sometime this year.  They're the people that make Necco Wafers, conversation hearts, and Clark Bars.

It's the end of an era. The company that makes Necco Wafers, New England Confectionery Co., the oldest continuously operating candy company, might shut down its Revere, Mass., plant and lay off the majority of its employees. Do you remember enjoying these candies as kids? Photo by @ap.images #necco #neccowafers #candy #candies

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After that announcement, there was a stampede of nostalgic people trying to buy their products.

According to, Necco Wafer sales went up 63%.  Necco's other products went up 50%.  The people at called it, quote, "panic buying."

But is that surge enough to save the company? 

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