two people talking on a bus

Got a case of the Mondays? Try talking to a stranger to boost your mood

May 13, 2019

(KEZK) — Is your Monday morning bus commute giving you the blues?

Then try chatting up the stranger sitting next to you.

“If you are feeling lonely and have a nice interaction with a stranger on a bus, you can suddenly feel like: ‘Oh, I fit in. I’m part of this city,’" Chicago-based social worker Rachel Kazez tells The Wall Street Journal.

University of Essex psychologist Gillian Sandstrom agrees with Kazez's assessment, telling The Journal, "People feel more connected when they talk to strangers, like they are part of something bigger."

In fact, Sandstrom has conducted research that shows people's moods improve after they chat with Starbucks baristas or museum volunteers.

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