Purple green blue gold and white beads from New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration. View is level with the objects and perspective is moving away from camera. These are long strands of round beads.

Too many beads? Recycle your Mardi Gras beads in Soulard

Watch the video to see how it's done!

March 5, 2019

Did you get your hands on a few of the estimated 10 million strands of beads that were tossed into the crowd at Saturday's Mardi Gras grand parade in Soulard?

If you have any left, here's something to do with them. 

Mardi Gras organizers have placed five gallon buckets at various spots around Soulard to collect the strands of beads for recycling. The buckets are at places like Soulard Farmer's Market and Joanie's Pizza. 

The beads are cleaned, sanitized, and re-used:

CLICK HERE to see all the bead recycling locations around Soulard.