Demi Moore, Rob Lowe Pay Tribute in “I Am Patrick Swayze” Trailer

It airs on the Paramount Network on August 18

August 6, 2019

(Photo by Chuck Hodes/Sony Pictures/MCT/Sipa USA)

Demi Moore, Sam Elliot and Rob Lowe are among the celebrities who pay tribute to the late Patrick Swayze in the first trailer for the Paramount Network’s I Am Patrick Swayze documentary. The teaser opens with a throwback interview clip of the late actor explaining, “You’re only on this planet for so long, go for it now.” In another shot, Swayze’s Ghost co-star Moore notes, “Patrick had something about him that was very rugged, but that also had that beautiful, gentle, sensuous ability to move.” The film also tackles Swayze’s skills as a gymnast, ranch-hand, ballet dancer, and mixed martial artist. I Am Patrick Swayze premieres at the San Antonio Film Festival on August 2 before airing on the Paramount Network on August 18. I can't wait to see this!