Designing Women Reboot in the Works!!

The return of the Sugarbakers

September 14, 2018

(Photo by Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup)

A day after the creator of Designing Women claimed CBS chief Les Moonves torpedoed her career, The Hollywood Reporter now says the hit southern sitcom is close to getting a reboot on rival network ABC. Linda Bloodworth-Thomason is attached to pen a script for a potential new version of her Designing Women as ABC has "handed out a script commitment" for the series. Insiders say the reboot would be more like a "sequel" that "follows the next generation of Sugarbakers with a crop of new, young, female designers at an Atlanta interior design firm." Sources also claim that members of the original cast--which included Delta Burke, Annie Potts, Jean Smart, and the late Dixie Carter--might make occasionally cameos in the new series. "I'm very excited to be working with ABC" says Bloodworth-Thomason. "Normally, I'm not a fan of reboots, but Designing Women does seem to have the right feng shui for all that is going on right now. We could definitely have some fun."