LIST: 10 TV Shows You Can Binge Watch While We Stay at Home

A list of shows and how long it will take you to watch

May 8, 2020

If you've already finished binging Tiger King, and Ozark, and are looking for something new to take a deep dive into, Entertainment Tonight has put together this "guide to 10 of the biggest binges you can take on. Here is their list:

Survivor. This will take you "440 hours, or more than two and a half weeks" if you watch without stopping.

The Simpsons. Seasons 1-30 are available on Disney+. It'll take you "243 hours, or 10 days without any donut or beer breaks."

Big Brother. Seasons 1-21 are streaming on CBS All Access, along with both seasons of Celebrity Big Brother. "Each of the most recent seasons is about 29 hours of bingeing in and of itself."

America's Next Top Model. Seasons 1-22 are currently streaming on Hulu. To stream all, it'll take you "about 198 hours, or more than eight days."

The Bachelor and Bachelorette. How long will it take? "Just tracking each season down might take you till the end of quarantine."

Law & Order: SVU: Seasons 1-21 are streaming on Hulu, and will take you "345 hours, or more than 14 days of straight SVU."

Grey's Anatomy. Seasons 1-15 are on Netflix, while Season 16 is on Hulu. It'll take "Roughly 260 hours, or close to 11 days nonstop" to finish. 

ER. All 15 seasons are streaming on Hulu. To finish, it'll take "approximately 250 hours, or more than 10 straight days without any breaks."

Supernatural. Seasons 1 through 14 can be found on Netflix. (Season 15 is still underway on the CW.) To get through it all, it'll take you "215 hours, or about nine days if you watch nonstop."

The Real Housewives of New York. Seasons 1 through 11 are currently on Hulu. To get through them all will take you "155 hours, give or take, or six and a half days."