Missouri Man Wins $55K From Ticket Bought With Pocket Change

Good impulse buy!!

August 8, 2018


A Missouri man won over $55,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket bought with loose change from his pocket. On July 25, Larry Taylor Jr. purchased a snack at a Casey's General Store in East Prairie--and on a lark, threw in a Missouri Lottery “5X Bingo” Scratchers ticket. "It wasn't my initial idea to get a lottery ticket," Taylor said. After scratching the ticket, he realized he won $3,000--but then saw the ticket formed an "X," which led to bigger prizes. "I had totally forgot about the 'X,'" he said. "So I flipped it back over, and that is when I realized I had won $55,558." Taylor will use his winnings to take his family on vacation and bring his daughter to the zoo. Read more here