Santa Claus Is Back to Work at German Post Office to Answer Your Mail

Everyone that sends a letter before December 15th will get a response!

November 14, 2019

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It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but Santa Claus is already getting anxious about Christmas, as the AP reports that Saint Nick has returned to work at a special post office in the northern German town of Himmelpfort, where he'll personally respond to every letter he receives between now and December 15. Last year, he and 20 helpers responded to 277,200 letters from 64 countries. They answer in various languages and also in braille, and each letter has a special Santa postmark. Anyone interested in communicating with Santa should address their letters to: An den Weihnachtsmann, Weihnachtspostfiliale, 16798, Himmelpfort, Germany. And be sure to include your return address! Read more here.