WATCH: Preview of The Busch Family Reality Show on MTV

It premieres on MTV March 5th

February 6, 2020
Busch Family reality show on MTV

photo by KMOX

The Busch Family Brewed is a reality show that will focus on The Busch family. Yes, our Busch family. THE Busch family. It premieres on MTV on March 5th at 8p with back-to-back episodes. The 10-episode series will show the Busch family around St. Louis on their 700-acre estate. MTV gives a brief description of the family members included: 

Father Billy Busch Sr. is the great-grandson of beer king Adolphus Busch. He's married to Christi, and they have a seven-pack of kids (ranging in age from 28-13). Billy Jr. is “the responsible one,” Haley is “the sweet one,” Abbey is “the wild child,” Gussie is “the ladies' man,” Grace is “the blunt one,” Maddie is “the wise one” and Peter is “the baby.” Between Billy Sr., Christi and their kids, they boast good looks, serious athleticism, an over-the-top 700-acre estate, and all the jet skis, dogs, cat and ATVs you can imagine. And Clydesdale rides.


The show has it's on Twitter account: