WATCH: NBC Reporter Goes Viral After Her Kid Crashes Live Report

Her 4-year-old son decided he needed some mommy time

October 10, 2019

NBC News national security reporter Courtney Kube was interrupted during her live news report on Wednesday when her 4-year-old son decided he needed some mommy time. Kube was giving an update on Turkey's incursion into Syria when son Ryan wandered onto the set and began tugging on her shirt. Even after the interruption, Kube continued her report while attempting to fend Ryan off, but eventually said, "Excuse me, my kids are here, live television," before an alert producer cut away to a graphic. Twitter fans found the incident charming. "I think it’s fantastic that she’s allowed to have her kids around while working. Good on you MSNBC," one said. Another tweeted, "Working mom multitasking on live TV sends positive message." Kube later explained, "Breaking news in Syria didn’t line up with preschool drop-off, so he and his twin brother were with me."